Friday, 18 February 2011

Our thriller title sequence

We have made alot of changes to our original plans, this was because of several unforceen events that caused us to change our plot. Our original plot involving the stalking of a business women as she is coming home from work and at her home and in the bath this plot didnt happen as we were unable to film over the weekend that we had planned. So we had to rethink our sequence, so we decided upon a flashback sequence that we could film in college and use effects instead of camera techniques to make suspense etc. our plot was of a girl getting ready for a night out so she is putting on her makeup in the mirror that is a flash back then we get to see her when she has been killed and she is lying in a shower cubical of a changing room we dont no why she is there and what happened but we can here the sound of the shower so the killer is trying to get rid of the finger prints and washing away the blood. The sound of the shower wasnt load enough in the original film so we had to rerecord the sound of the shower and played it all the way through the sequence. This was done just as an experiment as to see what it would sound like, but it actually sounded quiet good so we decided to keep it. We also decided to put our titles on an animated cload/fog background the aim of this is to create a scene of mystery and awe. The tittles move across the screen slowly to try a pressent a scary atmosphere. 

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