Friday, 11 March 2011

Pros and Cons

Good camera work
editing techniques
the black and white\negative effect
good titles
nice shot transitions

need more sound
more action
steady filming
cctv clip not clear

Monday, 7 March 2011


we tried to create a thriller atmosphere within our film to potray the feelings that we wanted to achive. we did this through a high use of edditing on final cut express. we used many effects such as

  • flash
  • we used a google image of 'FOG'  and eddited it on final cut express and put it in the thriller.
  • we used black and white effects that give it a old rudty and dark look to create a dark atmosphere that leans out to the audiance.
  • we also used negative effects that flsh into scenes to give a abnormal thriller effect to try gain attention of the audiance as in most thriiller films they have simmilar effcts we therfore tried to meet the convections of a normal thriller film.
  • we used a  green effct on one of our camera shots to create a CCTV effect.
  • we we got a clip of sound from yputube which is a shower sound,from our feedback we learnt that we had to put the shower clip running over the whole shot and not just titles we therfore made this change.
  • we also got a screaming clip that we made ouself during lesson we have used this sound to create a thrill in the thriller and so it holds the whole thriller together.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Ideas for Ediiting

we wanted to create a diffrent effect on the fim instead of the typical 2 balck and white" we wanted to create a deeper meaning in the fim through our edditing. we therfore used many kinds of contrasts on final cut express and many types of sounds to create this new and entertaining aspect of the fim.

we wanted the simmiler look to this effct shown on this immage.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

location ideas that we wanted to use but did not have the time. by fathima begum

we wanted to make the best of the task ans achive a extreamly scary thriller we therfore wanted to shoot our film out of cambridge. we thought that thinking outside the box would help and we after sharing our idead to the class it sounded as if the thriller storys were all going to be the same. we therfore had a idea that we should shoot the fim in "london" but due to the time and and camera availabilty we could not achive this.

the locations we wanted looked simmiler to this:
we wanted somthing like this beacuse the whole overall house looks scary. we wanted to pitray the victim of our fim getting staked and murderd in this empty house the main idea was to potray the character alone and being concious of her every move she made as she was scared and was seeing fash backs.
we wantes to fiml at night but due to the limited time we could not achive this.

another location idea was somthing along this line of immage.this was beacuse we wanted to shoot many types of angles in our fim and as this house is very big wanted establishing shots and low angle shots to make it obviouse in the fiml that this house was the main problems to all the storylines that we were going to create withing the trailer.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The tension and suspense

this was our planned board

In our title sequence we filmed clips that will create tension. Our aim was to build up suspense and tension then under cut it to release tension and to get the audience thinking as to what will happen next. We built tension up to the scream moment where the girl notices her killer.

Props and locations

The locations that we chose are locations that were easily accessible and we wouldnt be limited to filming time.  We filmed in a gym changing room and a bathroom, we used the bathroom for when the girl was getting ready as this is a typical place. The changing room was used for the scene where the girls dead body is dragged into the shower by her killer. We chose this location as it is usually a busy stop and when empty it is quiet and slightly spooky as it is completely different to the usual feel of the location.

The only props we used was some make up, we didnt feel as though we needed any more as we didnt think it would benefit our sequence.