Sunday, 20 February 2011

Costumes And Location Plans

For our thriller sequence, we have several idears of where to film our project and what our characters would wear. We have sized down from our original plans of having a woman dressed as a businesswoman. Instead we are going to dress our character more casually, in ordinary day clothes. This is easier for us to get hold of, and makes the time we have to plan easier and more manageable to work with.

For our location, we are planning to use a changing room set, possibly using a showroom to give a scary, deathly effect of a shower running. We can use several locations to film different parts of the project. We can film some scenes in a small bathroom, possibly at college or at someones house. We can then film the other parts of the sequence in an open changing room, with maybe add on showers. The showers could be used to film the aftermath or the killing, and where the body of the murdered character would be left.

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