Tuesday, 15 February 2011

More Advanced Plans

We have decided to change some aspects of our thriller opening sequence. Instead of using a large set for our thriller we have decided to size it down and have come up with several new ideas. We would still be basing it on a dark theme, using the same sinister music and titles. However our storyline has been altered to fit our new requirements. We have decided to look at close up shots, filming and editing close up shots to look dark and creepy. Our new sequence would feature close up shots of a character who is applying makeup while cutting her arms. Blood would flow from her arms and there would be no emotion in their face.

The female character would be applying make up to her face in the bathroom, although our camera would only catch close ups of her face, and you wouldn't see any of the set. and she keeps looking behind her because she hears noises and thinking she can see someone behind but when she turns around there is nothing there.

We have decided to give different camera aspects to our title sequence. We have changed the filters on final cut to give a mysterious aspect to the film, this includes black and white, and filtering different colours into or out of the film.

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