Friday, 4 February 2011

films that we are inspired by to help create scenes in our thriller. by fathima begum.

this shot is from the film "what lies "beneath" this is a shit that relates to our film as in our fin we will poetry our actress harriet as the victim in the fin who has some from a long tiering day at work and is feeling strange and feels as if she is being stalked. we wil therefore use edd house to pefoRm this shot in as Edd has a simmilar scenery n his bathroom,however we are not coping the full scene or film we are taking ideas from it.

here is an similar costume hariet will be wearing. we will buy the outfit from a debhanams and try to achieve this look. this is a look we want as it potray's a successful buisneslady who is dressed as if she has just arrived back from work and is walking towards her car.

this is the car we will be using in our thriller as it is a very posh yet highly effective car that uslay you would see parked outside a buissnes womens house.

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