Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Planning of our opening sequence.

i would like to film the tittle sequence at :
my friends house
in the woods
in a field
and in a lake
or a public place for example a park.

We will aim to have as little characters as possible this is to keep everything as simple as possible so we can create a sequence that looks good.

The sequence will either feature a good person being chased or running from something. Or having the bad guy planning something which gives the view a slight insite as to what they are planning. The other options include stalking someone from the stalkers view, but with the camera being presented as a security camera view. The stalker will not be stalking the person in person but instead through the security camera system.

The music will be used as to try and create and atmosphere or to create suspense.

The lighting will most probably be during the dark or sunset, this is because it can be used to create an atmosphere. This is used in films alot as the dark creates a feeling of the unknown as you cannot see what is in front of you.We will aim to either film in a seculed place were it can be earilly quiet this is seen in films such as the BlairWitch Project. But we could also used a public area this is used most commonly in films, this is done as it creates a feeling that we as the public could have been effected as it is a public place.

The titles will be kept short but by using different fonts we aim to create a feeling of either fear, suspense or thrilling. The fonts that we may use are as follows: Apple Casual, Big Caslon, Book Antiqua, Britannic bold, Chalkduster, Charlemagne Std, Copperplate, Handwriting-Dakota and Zapfino. We can then alter the titles more by adding effects to them effects cause titles to be animated, colourful or to change over a time period.

The potential titles to the film are as follows: The Shadow, Watched, Suspect, Identity, Last Choice.

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