Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Fargo opening sequence

The opening sequence to Fargo is a dark sinister opening, the sequence just consists of a man driving down the road. it is very foggy and also snowing so when the car appears it more prominent as you have only previously been able to see the head lights and then suddenly the car is very close. The only other thing that is in the sequence is a crow which flies alone beside the car and then lands on the ground then flies away again. Crows are most commonly associated with death since the middle ages, this maybe what the director is trying to achieve. Then they cut to a shot of a dark quiet town. it is a sub genre it could be a psycological thriller the camerma is prodomitatly long shots with the car moving towards it. There is no narrative really as the first conversation or talking takes place once all the titles are passed. The titals are in a plain boring font but it creates a tense atmoshphere. All together we did not like the title sequence in Fargo.

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