Monday, 7 March 2011


we tried to create a thriller atmosphere within our film to potray the feelings that we wanted to achive. we did this through a high use of edditing on final cut express. we used many effects such as

  • flash
  • we used a google image of 'FOG'  and eddited it on final cut express and put it in the thriller.
  • we used black and white effects that give it a old rudty and dark look to create a dark atmosphere that leans out to the audiance.
  • we also used negative effects that flsh into scenes to give a abnormal thriller effect to try gain attention of the audiance as in most thriiller films they have simmilar effcts we therfore tried to meet the convections of a normal thriller film.
  • we used a  green effct on one of our camera shots to create a CCTV effect.
  • we we got a clip of sound from yputube which is a shower sound,from our feedback we learnt that we had to put the shower clip running over the whole shot and not just titles we therfore made this change.
  • we also got a screaming clip that we made ouself during lesson we have used this sound to create a thrill in the thriller and so it holds the whole thriller together.

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